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Two bedroom prefabricated house

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This is a 100 square meters prefab modern design container house , it is good for dwelling unite for your first home for the young couple, it is cost affordable , easy maintain, the kitchen , bathroom , wardrobe would be pre-install inside the container before shipping , So, it save a lot of energy and money at site.

It is smart design , large living area , good thermal break system insulated windows in this prefab modular shipping container home, the containers protect your home from the forces of nature: wind, fire, and earthquakes. Our modular and prefab homes are designed to mitigate such forces and keep you and your family safe.

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This house is built by ISO standards shipping containers , these containers are built with the toughest of corrugated steel , with tubular steel frames. They come equipped with marine grade flooring (28mm thickness ) . they are built to stack easily one opon the other , it makes you very easy if you want to enlarge your home after it built .

The shipping container homes are strength , smart design , good weather resistance , they can withstand extreme weather for more than 15 years when they serve as a cargo on vessel , but when they turn to standing house on the land , the life span can be 50 years and more .

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