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Three bedroom modular container house

Short Description:

Modified from new brand 4X 40ft HQ ISO standard shipping container.

Container house can have a very good performance to withstand earthquake.

Based on house modification, floor & wall & roof can all be modified to get good force resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance; tidy and clean appearance, easy maintenance.

Delivery can be completely built-up, easy to transport, the out surface and inner fittings could be dealt with as your own design.

Save time to assemble it. Electrical wiring and water piping are installed in factory ahead.

Build start with new ISO shipping containers, blast and painted by your choice of color, frame/ wire/ insulate/ finish the interior, and install modular cabinets / furnishings. Container house are fully turnkey solution!

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This innovative design makes the container house looks like convention dwelling, the first floor is the kitchen , laundry , bathroom area . The second floor is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, very smart design and make each function area separately .The innovative design features ample counter space, and every kitchen appliance you could ever need. There’s even an option to add a dishwasher, plus a washer and dryer.

In addition to being stylish, the container home also to be durable by adding an exterior cladding , After 20 years , if you donn’t like the cladding , you can put another new on on it , than you can get a new house just by changing the cladding , cost less and simple.

This house is made by 4 unites 40ft HC shipping container , so it has 4 modular when built it , you just need to put these 4 blocks together and cover the gap , than finish the installation work.

To cooperate with us to build your dream container house is a fantastic amazing journey!

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