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Light steel structure prefab tiny house .

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Application : studio house , tiny house , rental house , prefabricated hotl , movble house , caravan .

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With traditional methods, it is common for builders to factor in up to 20% material wastage in the total cost of a project. Adding this up over consecutive projects, wastage can be equivalent to as much as 1 building out of every 5 buildings constructed. But with LGS waste is virtually non-existent (and in the case of a FRAMECAD Solution, material wastage is less than 1%).
And, steel is 100% recyclable, reducing the overall environmental impact of any waste created. Additionally, LGS is a ‘dry’ system, which means there is no need to use (often limited) water resources for mixing cement or other materials.
To build a LGS prefabricated house is good to enviroment , durable , and saving buidget .

- Good offers on you option to panelize your walls or truss to a certain degree to make your houses more cost-effectively to save you the whole construction period


II. The main Material to build the LGS house.

III. The steel frame stud .


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