• Luxury modular container house
  • Shelter for airbnb

Modified shipping container house .

Short Description:

Building area : 82 m2

Bedrooms : 2

Bathroom : toilet , shower and vaniry

Kitchen : with island and quartz stone .


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Shipping container home fetures

Most of the work is completed done at  factory for a fixed price. Delivery to the site, site preparation, foundation, assembly and utility connections are the only variable costs. That said, container homes can be completely prefabricated , and it will save a lot of cost to counstruct at site , but can provide the same comfortorable living space , we can install the floor heating , Air conditioner etc as per the client requested , and more over, if there is off grid , we can install the solar panel to provide electricity to operate the house . The shipping container house is encomic , fast built , comfrotable and enviromental-friendly . 



Product description 

1. Modified from new brand 2X 40f t HQ ISO standard shipping container.

2. Based on in-house modification, floor & wall & roof can all   be modified to get good force resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation,moisture resistance; tidy and clean appearance, easily maintenance.

3.  Delivery can be completely built-up, easy to transport, the outer surface and inner fittings could be built  as your

own design color.

4.  Save time to assemble it. Each container is finished built in factory , Just need to connect the modular together at site.

5. Floor plan for this house 

container house floor plan


 6. Proposal for this modified luxury prefabricated container house 

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